creative writing Workshops

Work with an instructor and up to seven other writers to hone your pieces, workshopping your writing every time the group gets together.

Additionally, once per semester we invite a member of the publishing industry (typically an editor, literary agent or publisher) to visit your workshop or outside scheduled event and share their experience and insight. For other special events and visiting speakers, click here to check out our Events page!

Manhattan workshops are held at our Upper West Side hub, while Brooklyn workshops take place in Park Slope. If you are interested in pro-rated enrollment, please let us know!


Two of our Spring 2017 Memoir workshoppers enjoy a spirited end-of-semester discussion.


Fall Schedule 2019

Our Fall 2019 semester starts the second week of September. Find individual workshop schedules at the links below! And to visit our instructor bios, click here.


An open forum for fiction of all types, your long or short-form projects are welcome here—and your blank pages too! A place for writers still in search of their voices and ones who've found them, by the end of the Fiction workshop each writer will aim to have a finished draft of one story or novel chapter.

The focus of our Mixed Genre workshop is generating new writing in both fiction or non-fiction, making it a great fit for writers who are uncertain about the direction they want to go. You’ll spend most of your time getting words on the page, doing craft-focused exercises, finding your voice and setting writing goals. By the end of the workshop, each participant will aim to have a finished draft of one story, essay, or book chapter (and maybe more!).

You’ll spend the majority of the Memoir workshop discussing various structures & points-of-view for personal non-fiction writing, setting writing goals for yourself, drafting opening scenes and finding the voice that’s best to tell your true (or true-felt) story. By the end of the workshop, each writer will have a finished draft of one essay or memoir chapter.



Whether silver screen or red curtain, this workshop brings together writers for audiences of all sorts. Your television pilot will tighten, your play will swell with pathos, your movie idea will hit all the beats it needs (and then some!). For writers with material in hand or just ideas in mind, you'll have them laughing and crying by the time the credits roll.

I really like Gina! She is super approachable and patient. I’m excited to get working; so cool it’s an intimate class.
— LeAnn Noh, Screenwriting
I truly appreciate [Alex’s] energetic effort on our behalf.
In 3 classes I’ve already learned much and have you to thank for.
— Jerome Sauvage, Fiction (Brooklyn)
When I listen to our discussions, and [Alex’s] analysis of all the characters and the setting and how he explains what we are writing, I don’t want to go home. I want to continue talking, talking, talking about it.
— Nisreen Aljubouri, Updraft: Fiction, Brooklyn
Summer 2017 Memoir workshop ends with a toast to new friends & good stories.

Summer 2017 Memoir workshop ends with a toast to new friends & good stories.

I am so glad [Alex and I] are working together. I appreciate your insightful comments and thorough analysis. It’s very helpful.
— Nathalie S., Manuscript Services

Director Alex Henderson with a writing student in our Winter 2017 Mixed Genre workshop.

Two writers discussing craft in our Spring 2017 Mixed Genre workshop


Early Winter 2017 Mixed Genre workshop in progress—before we added our bookshelf!