What makes us unique

[Alex] has a wonderful balance of encouraging me as a writer and also helping me hone my skills. I am most grateful.
— Cherise Scott, Updraft: Fiction Workshop, Brooklyn

small workshops

Our workshops are capped at seven participants, plus an instructor, ensuring that your writing gets workshopped more frequently and with greater attention and focus by your fellow writers. That means more time spent doing what matters most––creating relationships with people who care about your work and whose work, in turn, inspires you.


Every Writer's Rock workshop comes furnished with laptops for those who prefer working electronically. This means less printing ahead of time, less environmental waste, and more ctrl-F for when you thought you remembered where that really great sentence was, but where the heck did it go...?

community readings & events

Our public salon, Urban Fire, runs in addition to our quarterly student readings, which are held in fun bar and restaurant venues around the city, like Silvana in Harlem and The Gin Mill on the Upper West Side. Interested presenters and performers can apply for their chance in the spotlight while friends, family, and fans gather to listen, laugh and celebrate. Sign up for our mailing list to find out when and where the next salon will be!

sliding payment scale

The Writer’s Rock believes in opening up our warm and rigorous writing community to everyone. Because we know there are writers who cannot pay the full tuition, we've created a sliding scale to reach as many people as possible. While we don't require supporting documents to demonstrate your financial hardship, we do ask that writers pay as much as they can afford; this enables us to offer our workshops to writers in more difficult financial situations.

(Each payment tier covers a single 10-week semester; pro-rated tuition is also possible! Email for details.)


Full Tuition: $595

Reduced Tier I: $440

Reduced Tier II: $330


Hardship: $220

Sponsorship (you + another writer!): $1,035

Tom is fantastic! He helped me target an area of practical interest that I will also be passionate about writing. He’s really knowledgeable and personable. Really happy with the start of these sessions!
— Tara Ramirez, One-on-one Sessions, Westchester