It hasn’t happened yet, but it could. One of the most compelling things about science-fiction is the funny way history has of proving its predictions right, again and again. From the techno-pervasiveness of Philip K. Dick to Back to the Future’s President Biff, sci-fi is the one genre that can’t rest on its past accomplishments, lest they become present reality all too easily. Which is not to say that trumped up prognostication is all the genre’s good for. In fact, in Science-Fiction you’re invited to imagine all the worlds that cannot be, or maybe just aren’t yet, and populate them with the concepts, conflicts and characters that keep you up at night. Good sci-fi often leaves its readers with more questions than answers, but the best science-fiction stories ask questions no one has even thought of yet. So the only question now is: What are you waiting for? (You will have the opportunity to have your writing workshopped every week.)

Thursday 7pm to 8:30pm (Manhattan)

Instructor: Alex Henderson

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