Romance Writing

Romance Writing


Every romance builds to its own happily ever after, but not everyone’s happily ever after looks the same. This workshop is your chance to discover yours. Romance Writing offers a supportive and open-minded workshop environment for genre die-hards and the genre-curious alike. Exploration of love and sex of all flavors is welcome here, in whatever setting you’re most comfortable writing. That means contemporary realism side-by-side with supernatural and urban fantasy, with plenty of room for historical, inspirational and fan-fiction treatments as well. We know writing about sex isn’t always easy, but our instructors’ judicious (and never judgmental) eye for the craft will have you writing into the sunset in whatever direction you choose––and what could be more happily ever after than that? (You will have the opportunity to have your writing workshopped every week.)

Tuesday 11:30am to 1pm (Manhattan)

Wednesday 7pm to 8:30pm (Brooklyn)

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