Persuasive Rhetoric & Fundamentals of Writing

Persuasive Rhetoric & Fundamentals of Writing


Knowing what you want to say doesn’t always mean you know how to say it, and we don’t just mean all those sticky notes on the office fridge door.

In emails, office memos and customer-facing reports—to say nothing of web copy or your social media presence—effective communication matters. The gap between intent and expression, however, can sometimes feel more like an uncrossable chasm.

Our instructors know how to teach your employees the keys to effective rhetoric and self-presentation, from Aristotle’s persuasive appeals to clean and simple modern writing fundamentals.

Better communication means better information flow inside your business and better engagement with customers outside of it. Let The Writer’s Rock help your team find the strength and flexibility of its writing voice, and say goodbye to "accidentally" passive-aggressive refrigerator notes forever.

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