Interfaith x Secular Workshop

Interfaith x Secular Workshop


As New Yorkers, we cross thousands of boundaries a day via subway, taxi, or on foot, crisscrossing the city and our lives. Let’s all get off the subway at the same stop and walk into a writing space together. With our Interfaith x Secular Workshop, we invite writers of all backgrounds and faiths—or non-faiths—to gather in one space and grapple with the same questions together in individual and collaborative writing. How can we strengthen our communities? How can we listen to each other better? How can we amplify quiet voices and interrogate the loudest ones with understanding and compassion—and critical thought? This workshop is a chance to explore the various ways humans have tackled these biggest of questions, and who knows? You might even uncover an answer or two along the way.

Monday 7pm to 8:30pm (Manhattan)

Instructor: Alex Henderson

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