Showtime: A Group Musical Writing Session

Showtime: A Group Musical Writing Session


Ever daydreamed about breaking out into song in the middle of the workday, but worried your co-workers might look at you funny?

Our group musical seminar is designed to produce a single song from the unwritten musical of your dreams, as dreamed up by every member of your team together.

You’ll start by brainstorming characters, a setting, melody, and major problems as a group before breaking out to work on individual verses and refinements in pairs.

When you’re done, you’ll have an entirely new piece of music (will it be a comedy? full of heartbreak? rapping colonialists?) that you’ll be free to perform at the office holiday party this year (and next year, and next year…).

But most of all you’ll enjoy a fun, creative three hours that tests your team members’ collaboration while linking them together in powerful hilarious bonding through song. By the end of this seminar, you’ll be hoping you never see that curtain fall.

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