Dungeons & Dragons & Desktops: RPGs in the Workplace

Dungeons & Dragons & Desktops: RPGs in the Workplace


If you’re looking for a different way to engage your group in dynamic collaboration and storytelling, this is it.

Our veteran Dungeons & Dragons game leaders are ready to whisk your team away to an alternate world where magic might exist, but choices still matter.

Our stable of role-playing campaigns stands ready to test your team’s ability to solve problems, work together and adapt to changing conditions on the fly—all while exercising the bedrock skills of collaboration, creativity and critical thought every business relies on.

And if you’ve never played a game of D&D before, don't worry. All levels of experience are welcome, from the lowliest peasants to the mightiest knights.

All that’s needed is an open mind, an active imagination and about three hours set aside to save the entire world. We’ll bring the dice.

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