Our Summer 2017 Musical Theater workshop kicks off to a rousing cheer.

Each semester will culminate in a final Musical Showcase, where you can show off everything you've been working on to friends, family, and future talent agents.*

*Future talent agents not guaranteed. But hey, we'll try!


musical theater Workshops

Work with a musical instructor and up to seven other writers to hone your pieces, workshopping your musicals every time the group gets together.

All Musical Theater Workshops take place on the Upper West Side. Workshops run for 10 weeks, unless otherwise noted.

Musical Improv

Tuesday 7pm to 8:30pm

A workshop designed to turn your inner diva inside out, Musical Improv features just as much performing as it does writing (and maybe a little bit more). You’ll make up all the songs you’d enjoy performing the most––not an entire musical, but that amazing opener you’ve been humming along to at the back of your head, or the 11 o’clock number from the non-existent Broadway show of your dreams. And the best part is, it all happens on your feet. If you’ve ever wanted to spend a weeknight moving around to the sound of music and making some of your own, this is the place for you. (Culminates in an end-of-semester performance showcase.)

Instructor: Eric Brodie

Short Musical

Tuesday 8:30pm to 10pm

Ever wanted to write a musical, but don’t have the time to do it by yourself? Short Musical is designed to produce a single, cohesive musical from start to finish, envisioned, written and performed entirely by you! You’ll start by brainstorming characters, setting, and major problems as a group before breaking out to work on individual songs as part of the larger collaborative effort. By the end of the semester, you’ll have an entire musical (will it be a comedy? full of heartbreak? rapping colonialists?) that you’ll perform live on stage in front of friends, family and your future talent agents. But most of all it will be fun and brand new, made by you. Now that’s something worth singing about.

Instructor: Eric Brodie

Writing for Musical Theater

Tuesday 7pm to 8:30pm

Our most intensive performance workshop, Writing for Musical Theater is for those working on their own musicals already (or who want to start) and need a place to workshop, test out, revise and polish their material. Maybe you have some lyrics but lack the music? This is the workshop for you. Maybe you’ve got a concept in place and just haven’t started writing it yet? Ditto. You might even have some pages in hand but you’re not sure where to go with it next, or you need help putting it all together. Join a group of other serious, committed musical writers to solve these problems and more. And we promise you’ll still have fun doing it.

Instructor: Eric Brodie

Instructor Eric Brodie introduces several new concepts to the workshop (starting with Jazz Hands).