Welcome to The Writer's Rock

A warm and rigorous writing community in New York City.

— Est. 2016 —


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a group of writers and artists brainstorming stories, talking craft, writing, workshopping, and building a vibrant and inclusive community together.

That community is rooted in the cultural bedrock of New York City. From that bedrock we’ve carved a space for all writers to gather in sometimes raucous, sometimes silent spaces where visions and voices can emerge.

Our genre-specific workshops are led by published writers, produced playwrights, and successful performers active in their fields. Each is a member of our extended family, committed to fostering a warm and rigorous writing environment regardless of your experience or background.

No matter where your story comes from, we have a spot saved on one of our mismatched & well-worn couches for you to tell it. From first novel drafts to final edits, college essays to corporate memos, this is your place to hone your craft and meet others doing the same.

If you can’t make it in person, our online workshops provide the same warmth and attention from the comfort of your own laptop. And one-on-one sessions both in person and online offer the chance for close reading and critique, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the perfect expression of your ideas.


This is The Writer’s Rock. Let’s get together and write.



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Work with an instructor and up to six other writers to hone your pieces, workshopping your writing every time the group gets together. 


Workshops available in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, musical theater, and more!


One-on-one Sessions



Our goal is to form a genuine relationship in every one-on-one session we hold. Our sessions, available both in person and online, provide the kind of close and thoughtful investment in your writing required to both understand what you’re trying to say and how best to craft it for your reader. Our instructors are committed to the pursuit of the clearest expression of your voice and ideas.



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student readings

Several times a year, all students at The Writer's Rock are invited to gather at local bars and restaurants to share their work from the semester. Check out some of the photos here!


Where We Write

Our number of Writer's Rock hubs is growing. If you'd like to talk about bringing The Writer's Rock to your area, get in touch!

Upper West Side

Our vibrant headquarters, steps from Central Park, the Natural History Museum, Riverside Park, and beautiful views of the Hudson.

Park Slope

Our newest location in the city, with endless blocks of brownstone meandering and Prospect Park just a stone's throw away.


We're excited to open the doors for our Writer's Rock Westchester hubs, a pair of spaces in Bedford Hills and Hartsdale, NY.


manuscript services


Some projects benefit most from long term sustained feedback and partnership, and for those projects we offer the Manuscript Services one-on-one package. It starts with a phone call, where you explain what you’re working on, where you are so far in the process (it’s okay if the answer is: The beginning!) and where you’d like to go next.

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creative team-building events

Bring The Writer’s Rock into your office with spirited team-building storytelling events. Playwriting, mystery-solving, and traditional writing help are all available from our high-energy and experienced writing instructors. And if you really want to break the mold while still strengthening office morale, our veteran Dungeons & Dragons game leaders offer a slew of custom role-playing game settings ready to test your team’s ability to solve problems, work together, and adapt to changing conditions on the fly––all while exercising bedrock skills of imagination, creativity, and critical thought.