for college students


Director Alex Henderson works with a college student, Spring 2017.


We’re happy to offer dedicated workshops (and one-on-ones) for college students, regardless of your major or how clean your dorm is. Each 90-minute workshop meets once a week and is capped at seven participants. Every writer is guaranteed at least two opportunities to have your writing carefully workshopped over the course of each ten-week semester.

And those who’d prefer working exclusively with an experienced writing instructor can schedule One-on-One Sessions to fit your availability. College-aged workshoppers are encouraged to get involved in our broader community through our  Urban Fire reading series (link here) and start sharing their voices with the city, and the world, as early as possible.


fall schedule

Fall workshops begin the week of September 11.

All college student workshops last for 10 weeks and are continuously enrolling. Check out our list of instructors!


College-Level Creative Writing

Our 10 week college-level creative writing workshop is specifically tailored to students enrolled in higher ed who are looking for a place to escape the ivory tower or concrete jungle and connect with other committed writers. All genres are welcome here––fiction, memoir, poetry, song––with a focus on building an inviting and playful environment where writers can explore ideas, identities and modes of expression without friction or fear.

Ten week semester, Friday 10:30am to noon (Manhattan and Brooklyn)

Instructor: Alex Henderson

College-Level Essay Writing

Our 10 week college essay writing workshops are designed for students interested in working with other writers their age to explore effective rhetoric and persuasive writing techniques. Your writing and critical thinking skills are sure to deepen and grow. No midterms necessary.


Ten week semester, Friday 1pm to 2:30pm (Manhattan and Brooklyn)

Instructor: Alex Henderson

One-on-one Session Packages
from 120.00

Sessions last for one hour, but we're happy to accommodate longer sessions if desired.

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Note: Please fill out a Workshopper Information Form in tandem with your workshop registration. This step is required to process your registration completely. If you're signing up for a One-on-one Session, please instead fill out a One-on-one Session Request Form. This lets you tell us more about your availability and specific interests, and help us schedule the right one-on-one session for you.


Note: There is a $25 service charge for all refunds.