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Sometimes those deadlines can creep up on you — or maybe you're thinking ahead and knocking them out early! Either way, Application Assistant is here for you. We're ready to step in and take submissions of all kinds across the finish line, including: 

• MFA/Fellowship applications

• Story contest deadlines / submissions

• NYC high school admissions essays

• Professional reports / Freelance projects

• Anything else you can think of!

Don't be afraid to email us if you're wondering whether we can help you with your project. (Spoiler: We probably can.) Whether your deadline is months or minutes away, you can find the help you need with Application Assistant.

Application Assistant
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(A $60 reading fee may be assessed for material that requires significant attention outside of scheduled sessions.)


Note: Please fill out an Application Assistant Request Form in addition to any payments you submit. This is where you can tell us more about your availability, application deadlines, and more.

Note: There is a $25 service charge for all refunds.